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February 2-4

Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre

Maple Ridge BC

Why do we need the lyric poetry of the psalms? Why do we now? Because the only way we can approach God is if we’re honest through metaphor, through symbol, so art becomes essential, not decorative; not as an adjunct, but actually as a way. —Bono

If we are to pray well, we too must discover the Lord to whom we speak, and if we use the Psalms in our prayer we will stand a better chance of sharing in the discovery which lies hidden in their words for all generations. For God has willed to make himself known to us in the mystery of the Psalms. —Thomas Merton

Many of us feel like we don't pray well. Maybe we grew up with practices that felt more confining than liberating. Maybe we wonder if prayer really makes any difference. Maybe we aren't sure we're doing it right. And so for whatever reason, we're tempted to give up on prayer altogether.

Spending a weekend with the psalmists—the original contemplatives—can open us up to new pathways in prayer, and new depths in our relationship with God. Learning to pray the Psalms does a bunch of things. It reminds us vividly who God is. It enables us to pray as we are, not who we think we should be. It connects us with creation. It nurtures gratitude and praise. It points us toward the Spirit of Christ.

This is a retreat for anyone seeking to grow in prayer by experiencing the Psalms in a fresh way.

Through teaching, conversation, solitude, and creative practices, we will learn what it means to pray the various kinds of Psalms—from lament and trust to thanksgiving and praise. We will be introduced to different ways of praying them: lectio divina, journaling, writing our own psalms, chanting/singing/speaking aloud, listening to music, responding in other creative/artistic ways.

Facilitator bio: Nelson Boschman is a pastor, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and musician. He is excited about this opportunity to engage with the Psalms in a retreat setting.


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  • Feb 2
    3:00 pm
    Feb 4
    1:00 pm